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We are very honoured to have been offered by members of the Atkins Family from South Harrow a large collection of slides photos and films, for which they kindly gave us their permission to use.
So this section is dedicated to all of the Atkins Family, with our grateful thanks.

Arial View of Roxeth 1927

Taken from the Gasholder towards Northolt 1932

South Harrow Baptist Mission Hall Northolt Road 1920

Same Hall Front View 1920

Baptist Mission Hall Northolt Road 1920

South Harrow Baptist Church Northolt Road on the site of the Mission Hall 1927

Interior of the Baptist Church 1927

Northolt Road from South Hill Avenue looking towards Gasworks 1960

The Paddocks Northolt Road 1912

Wyvenhoe Road Near Northolt Road Circa: 1950

ASame location 1990

Northolt Road facing Wargrave Road Circa:1997

South Harrow Baptist Church on new site Northolt Road 1935

Same position 1991

Interior of the new Baptist Church 1935

St Hildas 1910

Demolishion of St Hildas for construction of new Baptist Church 1934

New South Harrow Baptist Church under construction 1934

South Harrow Gasholder preparation for demolishing 1986

Entrance to South Harrow Gasworks 1991

Lower Road Horse Trough

The Kingsfield Arms 1997

Maisy & Son Florist Shop Northolt Road 1991

Northolt Road fdrom South Hill Avenue Circa:1906

The same location 1991

J.A. Atkins Premises Northolt Road 1927

The same location 1991

Northolt Road - Brook Avenue Circa;1906

Roxeth Farm Dairy Northolt Road Circa: 1906

Northolt Road looking towards Sherwood Road 1960/70

Parish Hall Northolt Road

Early Picture of The Three Horse Shoes Public House Northolt Road

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