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South Harrow and Roxeth Parks and Open Spaces

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Entrance from Park Lane

Childrens Play area

Site of the former Park Keepers Lodge & Toilets

Landscaped area near the Park Lane Entrance

For Amusement

Who would guess the busy Alexandra Avenue is only a few yards away from this point



In the 1890s Newton Farm was the refuse disposal site for Harrow this included sewerage.
The development of the main drainage scheme for Middlesex saw the end of the sewerage farm. Newton Farm
continued as a domestic rubbish transfer station until the late 1960s.
The construction of Alexandra Avenue divided the site into two.
Later development saw the Harrow Driving Centre on the east side.
Following its closure the site was developed for housing as was the refuse site although the allotments remain.
The west side was for many years used as a playing field by the Roxeth Manor Secondary Schools
part still remains now containing Newton Farm School and Alexandra School as well as allotments.

Looking towards Newton Farm School

View from Malvern Avenue

Allotments next to Roxeth Recreation Ground

Another view

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