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About Me


First my Condolences go to Sue on the tragic way Ian died

My first website had a name change
When I started the website I had in mind all
the young ladies who met and married
American Service men from the Base in
Victoria Road, South Ruislip,
So this website I called ‘My Sugar Babe’
This is what one American told me was the reason
all girls were called the same, so they did not get it
wrong another time, perhaps with a different girl.
Then a Pop Group started calling themselves
The same name so I changed my site to ‘Allies in War’

Eastcote Lane / Roxeth Manor School
History from the opening in 1933
Until 1985 Taken from the Log Books
And personal memories
And the book is called Eastcote Lane
‘The Early Years Continued’

Another website all about peoples memories of
living in South Harrow and Rayners Lane
The Book is also called ‘REMEMBER WHEN’

As a follow up to that book I was asked to do
A second website and book by people who either wanted their
Memories included or remembered more from
reading what others had written
This website I called ‘Forgotten Memories’
The Book is also called ‘FORGOTTEN MEMORIES’

Then there is the latest website and will probably be one of the best
This is a picture history of the growing up of South Harrow and Roxeth
Which name of course it was all called at first,
This is the first time I have actually worked with other people.
I have had the good fortune to come in contact with Ian Jones
and through him his friend Paul Turner, who has spent hours taking
photos of the area, as near as possible to match up with places
shown in old picture, some of which are no longer in existence
The website is South Harrow ‘THEN and NOW’
The book will be of the same name.

The above books can be purchased from me as I make them to order.
I keep them as cheap as possible, and they are available to be sent all over the world.
You can see how the books look on the different websites, and just in case you are a bit worried I have to say Harrow Centre Libraries purchased three Eastcote Lane books in 2005, one each for Harrow, Roxeth & Rayners Lane Library In their reference section.
And commended me for their production.
Syd Dean.